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Our Birchwood puppies should "NEVER" end up in a
shelter,  given away,  resold,  auctioned or raffled.   
We will take them back for the life of the dog,  and re-home
them if possible.
Birchwood is a small hobby breeder, who began  with
rescue & obedience training in 1978.
Birchwoods primary focus is on health, structure and the
temperament of the breed, without sacrificing the
versatility of the breed.  

All puppies offered by us
are first and foremost, a true best friend.

If some compete in conformation, obedience, utility,
search and rescue, or  as a service dog, then we consider
that an added bonus. Our goal is to produce healthy,
well socialized dogs with appropriate temperament, within
the AKC Breed
Although, performance, health and structural soundness
of  parents do not guarantee the offspring. Through
genetic testing and selective conscientious breeding,
there is a greater chance of improving and maintaining
positive traits in the  Labrador Retriever.

We use
Paw Print Genetics for our Genetic Testing.

All of our breeding stock have their  OFA
hip/elbow clearances, current eye clearance by a
licenced Veterinary Ophthalmologists.

Through selective breeding, our goal is to produce the
versatile Labrador Retriever, retaining the hunting
ability that has made the Labrador Ret. the ultimate
hunting  companion, without compromising the correct
conformation of the Labrador.

We have an occasional litter,  offering exceptional
puppies. All of our puppies will have their dew claws
removed, age appropriate vaccinations, routine worming,
micro-chipped & Volhard temperament tested prior to
going home.

Occasionally we have a pup
or young adult available that
had been held back. Sometimes this started dog is then
sold to a qualifying family home.

We have dogs in service work, Therapy work, obedience,
shown in conformation shows, hunting and above all else,
loving companions to the people who make them a part of
their lives.      

The Art of Raising a
written by
The Monks of New

The Complete
Holistic dog book
written by:Jan
Allegretti & Katy
Sommers, D.V.M.

The Whole Dog
Copyright © 2018 Birchwood.
All rights reserved.
Owned,Trained &
Loved by:
Dexter, Maine
When people are bred as carefully as we breed our dogs, human kind will have made
progress, indeed!
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Labrador Retrievers
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